WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Buy the best SMOK vape products at affordable prices.

SMOK is a flagship brand of Shenzhen IVPS Technology CO Limited. Established in 2010, SMOK’s contributions in the domains of electronic cigarettes research, development, production, and sales in markets across the globe have long established their excellent reputation in the industry.

In the early days, SMOK quickly became known for introducing the first ever dual-coil atomizer in the market. By focusing on continuous innovation, brand development, and building and expanding sales channels, SMOK quickly became a prominent name in the vaping industry. With over eighty million satisfied customers over the past eight years, SMOK’s vape products are recognized as some of the best quality products in the industry still today.

SMOKE Vape Products: Innovations by SMOK.

Rather than following existing market trends, the innovative creators at SMOK choose to follow their own path, constantly develop new products that set entirely new industry standards. With their wide range of coils, mods, vape pens and more, SMOK has remained one of the industry’s driving forces behind the latest technology. As a top-class global electronic cigarette brand, SMOK offers a diverse collection of starter kits, vaporizers, e-liquids and more. Every SMOK product purchased is backed by the company’s eight years of experience in providing high-quality, safe, and affordable vape products.

SMOK Vape Products: Dual Coil Atomizers.

Dual coil atomizers were a virtually unknown vape product back in 2011, but SMOK put themselves on the map by introducing them on a large scale and educating consumers about their use. The wild popularity of SMOK’s dual coils paved the way to their resounding success in the industry. This revolutionary breakthrough in vaping technology was only the first of many for SMOK, who continues to develop and release products, like the dual coil, that augment flavor and enhance vapor production.

SMOK VAPE PRODUCTS: Variable Wattage

Variable wattage devices are a vaping industry staple today, but it was SMOK who was the first to introduce them as part of an easy-to-use lineup of vaping tools. While the SMOK vape pen was not the first to use variable wattage control, it’s popularity assisted in giving the technology the boost it needed to make it an available option worldwide. Back in 2014, when SMOK released devices like the Shuttle, the Rocket and the Silenus mods, they were strikingly innovative in their ease of use and incorporation of variable wattage. Since then, vapers around the world have reaped the benefits of SMOK’s forward-thinking vaping devices and more.

SMOK VAPE : Sub-Ohm Vaping.

In the early days of vape devices, only a mechanical mod would allow you to experience sub-ohm vaping. However, SMOK’s introduction of the TFV4 proved to be the breakthrough technology the vape community had been waiting for. Compatible with SMOK’s line of sub-ohm coils, the TFV4 was the first tank capable of producing the same dense vapor previously only achievable with a rebuildable atomizer on super low power builds. Then, in 2017 SMOK again sent ripples through the industry with their release of the TVF12 Cloud Beast King- one of the first sub-ohm tanks to feature twelve coil heads. To date, the TVF12 is one of the most popular and highest quality vape tanks available on the market, and SMOK remains one of the most trusted brands in the vaping industry.

SMOK Vape Products For Starters and Experienced Vapers.

Whether you’re new to the world of vaping, or a seasoned vaper looking to try something new, the perfect SMOK product is waiting for you at eJuice DIrect. From high-quality SMOK starter kits to sophisticated SMOK vape pens, eJuice Direct carries a large stock of a variety of SMOK vape products. For beginning vapers, SMOK offers an extended range of pod mod and vape pen selections, and for more experienced vape users, SMOK’s box mods and sub-ohms are popular industry staples. If you’re seeking greater control over your vaping experience, or a premium starter kit, here are some SMOK products that may be an excellent fit for your unique vaping needs.


SMOK’s Stick Series features easy-to-use vape pens that pack impressive power, and are perfect for any consumer seeking a discreet vaping device.

SMOK’s Resa Stick Kit features stainless steel construction with a stunning cobra resin design. Produce thick clouds and delicious flavor with a simple single button firing system with any of the devices in the SMOK Stick Series. SMOK’s Stick Prince Baby Kit, another popular option, is integrated with the TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm tank, considered to be the crown jewel of the SMOK tank collection. With 2000mAh offers a portable, easy-to-use device with long lasting battery life and superior performance.

SMOK VAPE Infinix Kit.

SMOK’s Infinix device is an exceptionally well-suited option for the beginner vaper who is seeking a simple vaping experience. Featuring a built in 250mAh battery, the Infinix utilizes individual replacement pods, or cartridges, with a 2mL e-liquid capacity so you can customize your experience with your favorite e-juice flavors. With a sleek and stylish buttonless design, the SMOK Infinix is easy to use and even easier to bring with you wherever you go- simply inhale and enjoy.


With the rising popularity of pod mod systems, SMOK has introduced the Fit Kit to the delight of SMOK vape fans everywhere. The SMOK Fit device features an ultra sleek and slim body, with a compact shape and discreet design. With a built-in 250mAh battery that guarantees long usage, the 250mAH is easy to use and includes refillable SMOK pods, allowing for quick and easy flavor changes that are hassle free. Experience excellent flavor, dense cloud production, and worry-free, long lasting battery life with the SMOK Vape Fit Kit.

SMOK VAPE Species 230W Starter Kit.

The SMOK VAPE Species 230W Starter Kit is nothing short of a technological marvel. When SMOK had to replace their massively popular Alien Series, they knew they needed to design something special- and the SMOK VAPE Species was born. Featuring the new and improved SMOK BAby V2 tank and a 16 MMV2 Baby Derlin Tip, the Species is designed with superior power and seamless functionality in mind. The Species also utilizes an extra large heating facility, for quick heating and enhanced vape juice flavor. Available in eight stunning colors, the SMOK VAPE Species 230W Starter Kit will surely impress with its elegant design, dense cloud production, and consistent performance.


The Novo Kit, by SMOK VAPE, is a sturdy and reliable option for those seeking a simple refillable pop system. It’s powerful and long-lasting 450mAh built-in battery ensures you can enjoy your vaping experience all day long, and with two refillable 2mL capacity pods included with every SMOK Novo Starter Kit, you will be able to travel far with your new purchase. The pods are easily removable, and can be filled with your favorite e-juice flavors and brands for your enjoyment. The Novo is also strikingly gorgeous, with a cobra covered front and back, as well as plated sides for an extra luxurious finish. SMOK Novo’s Starter Kit is a simple and affordable option for those seeking a no-frills vaping experience with a stunning look that is powerful enough for all day use.

eJuice Direct: Your One Stop SMOK Vape Shop.

At eJuice Direct, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. From a massive selection of premium e-juices, to vape starter kits and hardware, eJuice Direct only offers reputable brands at reasonable prices. We are constantly expanding our diverse range of products by listening to our consumers requests, and stocking the products that best suit their needs. Consider eJuice Direct as your next one stop vape shop, and fulfill all of your electronic cigarette and vaping needs.

Shop SMOK Vape Products at eJuice Direct.

Our eJuice Direct warehouses are stocked with an extensive range of SMOK Vape products to fit your every need. Check out our assortment of SMOK pod mods, tanks, starter kits and more, and pick up your next favorite vaping device today.