WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Vaping replacement coils produce heat that makes the vapor from whatever ejuice you have in your tank or dripped on the coil. If you are experiencing a burned flavor or bitterness it is probably time to change your coils. We have a large assortment of vape coils for you to choose from. Whether you want to stick with your mod brand coil or go with a generic coil eJuice Direct has a multitude of choices for you. Check out our assortment below for the coils that best fit your vape experience. Remember, if you don't see what you're looking for or have a product question, please contact us and keep on vaping!

What are Coils?

So what exactly is a coil? The coil or wick as they use to be called and still sometimes are is basically what is heated up by the battery. The actual coil itself is just small wire wrapped around a wick. That wire is heated up which in turn heats up the wick and the ejuice absorbed by the wick. That eliquid is turned into vapor which after travelling through the tank is what you inhale when you vape. There typically two types of coils, single coil and double coil. The single coil is basically what was described above, a double coil is simply two coils and two wicks. Almost all new tanks and really any tank made within the last 2 or so years are bottom coils meaning the coil is at the bottom of the tank. You may also start to see the acronym BVC which stands for bottom vertical coil meaning that the coil is built vertically instead of horizontally.

Finding Peace in "Ohms"

Where do you find the ohm of your coil? Take a look on the on the side of the coil written in small print should be the number. Some of the more common ohms are 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, 2.1, 2.2, and 2.5 ohms. We get it, what do these numbers mean? Well lower ohms (lower numbers) will produce a harder hit (hotter coil), more clouds, and a shorter battery life between charges. Higher ohms (higher number) which will result in less of a hit, decent clouds, and a cooler vape (cooler coil), and a longer battery life between charges. Ohms being higher or lower is a preference as no level is considered better than the other, it's all personal preference and obtaining your best vape experience. Variable voltage or variable wattage allows you to adjust your coil output

Types of Coils

The first coils were all built but now with the advent of innovative vaping technology and the pre-built coil vaping has become an easier process and opened up vaping to almost everyone. It is now up to the individual to decide what fits their vaping lifestyle. Pre-built coils offer convenience a large variety less mess and speed. Buildable coils are cost effective better flavor (if built correctly) and require a good amount of dedication and time to properly build a great vape coil and experience.

Choosing a Coil

With a low-ohm coil, you get bigger cloud, more flavor, and a warmer vape. Expect a dry hit evry once and a while depending on your coil and wattage your vaping at. Some things to keep in mind when making your choice: With lower ohms coils you'll go through your ejuice faster, make sure your mod can handle the rating of the coil, Higher-ohm coils, can use less wattage so your batteries drain slower and they use less ejuice when you vape, it is also a cooler vape with reduced clouds. These are great starter coils because of the battery longevity.

When to Change a Coil

There are a few signs that will tell you a coil needs changing. If you get a burnt taste while vaping, this is a sign the coil has burnt out and it’s time to get a new one. Also, if your e-liquid stops tasting how it should, this usually means the coil has stopped working properly and you should change to a fresh one. In some cases, your vape can leak due to the coil being worn out, or you will get a gurgling sound upon inhaling due to the fact your coil is old.

Changing a Vape Coil

How often should I change my coil? If you vape a lot, you should be switching coils every week. A light vaper can probably get two weeks out of a coil. The real tell tale sign is if your hits are still flavorful or are they starting to taste burnt.

How do you change a coil? With some practice changing a coil with the new technology should take 5 minutes.

Step 1: Seperate the tank from the battery (the mod or pen). This is a simple unscrewing of the tank.

Step 2: Remove the tank cap. This should be a simple unscrewing of the cap

Step 3: Once the cap is off the top of the tank you will need to unscrew the glass tank section from the battery, then empty the tank of any remaining liquid.

Step 4: You'll see the coil in the center of the atomizer. Take a paper towel grip the coil and gently unscrew the coil.

Step 5: Discard the old coil in the paper towel and screw in the new one in its place.

Step 6: If you have the time, rinse out the components of your tank every once in a while. Old residue and juice can taint whatever new liquid is put into the tank. Having a new coil and a residue-free tank will promote the best flavor.

Step 7: Your new coil is now in place, carefully put the device back together. The whole process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Once this is done take a look at "Prime That Coil" below on how to add ejuice to a tank with a new coil.

Cloud Chasing vs. Flavor

For the most part, flavor and cloud chasing tanks are mostly similar; they work the same way and have the same functions. Essentially there are two differences between cloud chasing tanks and tanks that let out better flavor. These are air flow and resistance.

Adjusting Mod Settings

Essentially lower temps and finding a sweet spot is best for a flavor chaser, cloud chasers usually operate at 80 and above. Adjusting your mod temperature is the simplest way to improve the flavor you get from your e-liquid. Different elements of juices come out at different settings. This is because specific flavorings vaporize at different temperatures, and your setting plus your coil ohm number determines how hot your coil gets. For flavor-chasers, this is the major benefit of having a variable voltage/variable wattage device. The best advice is to start at lower settings and work your way up until you hit the “sweet spot.” Each e-liquid has its own sweet spot, so you’ll need to experiment with each flavor. One juice may shine at 45 W while another comes into its own at 50 W.


Reduce Your Airflow for cloud chasers, big airflow is an important factor. When you have a lot of air going through your coil, the vapor gets less dense but billows out to produce giant clouds. The downside to this is that this reduces flavor too. For flavor chasers, closing off the airflow is the best approach. This produces a denser, warmer vape that carries a lot more flavor. Adjustable airflow systems on atomizers make this easy to achieve.

Choosing the Proper Drip Tip:

You might not think the drip tip you use influences the flavor you get, but it does. The trend with modern tanks and atomizers is towards larger-bore (i.e. wider) drip tips. This produces an airier vape and is good for cool vapor and cloud production


Most vapers develop a preference for the PG/VG ratio of their juices over time. Cloud-chasers tend to prefer high-VG juices, because they produce thicker vapor and bigger clouds. However, if you’re looking to maximize your flavor, high VG juices don’t quite cut it .

The Juice

Correctly storing your e-liquid is important, because the flavorings can degrade with poor storage. Keep your juices away from heat and light and minimize their exposure to open air to keep them in excellent condition. Some juices also benefit from “steeping.” leave the juice in a cool, dark place and occasionally shaking the bottle. You can also let your ejuice breathe for a while by opening the cap, experiment with this method as many ejuices can have their flavor enhanced with these simple tricks.

Advanced Coils: Rebuildables, RTAs, RDAs and Squonking

Check out our Rebuildables Page Here.

Coil Tips

  • Most coils have a wattage range and/or recommended wattage setting. For example: At 0.4 ohms, each Q2 Coil utilizes dual vertical coils carefully engineered to work wonders and bring you that legendary SMOK caliber flavor from devices that operate at a lower wattage. They have a wattage range of 40-80W with optimal performance between 55-65W.
  • Prime that Coil: Locate the holes in the head of the coil that move the e-juice to the wick, and add several drops of e-liquid, one at a time, until the cotton seems like it's absorbed as much as it can. This allows the wicking material to become saturated, let it sit for the e-juice to work it's way through. Next, fill your tank with e-liquid and reassemble your vape. After this, allow your tank to sit for a few minutes before starting the break-in process, with the wattage turned down to below recommended levels and working your way up to normal over the course of a tank. Begin by taking small hits on your vape before slowly working your way up to normal inhales.
  • Avoid Dry Hits: Simply check your tank to make sure it has juice, this is importsnt as it will burn out your coil almost instantly with no juice
  • Keep that mod clean: Cleaning the coil is quite easy, by simply rinsing it and letting it dry. Residue can build up on your coil while it still has some life left, cleaning it with plain old warm water and allowing it to dry gets rid of the residue and extends the life of your coil.
  • Fresh Juice: Sweeter liquids, especially dessert and candy flavors, tend to burn up coils and have residue build-up than other liquids with a lighter flavor touch. The culprit here is artificial sweeteners, which don't vaporize completely and leave a buildup on the coil that can mute the flavor of future tanks. See above on how to combat residue on your coils

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