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Shop the Best Premium Vape Mods | Vaping Devices & Hardware | Vape Hardware

The vape mod changed the way we vape. With the advent of vaping many people switched but some folks were left unsatisfied with the power of the devices that were used early on. The devices kept people vaping but true flavor and power were sorely missed until the vape mod came along. The box mod took vaping to another level with more flavor and power in the devices vapers had to choose from. With a larger area to work with manufacturers were able to upgrade airflow which led to a more satisfying vape. This along with tech advances such as touchscreens, puff counters, and temperature control brought the vape box mod into fashion and it hasn't left since. A vape box mod should mirror what you'd like to experience in vaping. Making the choice should start with picking a temperature you like to vape at, then the personal features and styles that you like and what you want out of your mod. Check out our box mod choices below including brands like SMOK, Aspire, Sigelei, iJoy, Vaporesso, and VooPoo. You can also check out our vape mod kits and portable & affordable vape pens. Plus remember, eJuice Direct is your discount ejuice store online! We carry a large assortment of premium tasty vape juices, ejuices, and e-liquids at low prices for your mod! If you don't see what you're looking for or have a question, please contact us and keep on vaping! .

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What is a Box Mod?

A box mod is a type of APV that’s shaped like a box, these come in either mechanical or adjustable configurations. Some box mods are capable of housing up to four 18650 batteries. Typically wider, some users prefer these over vape pens, box mods are mostly more powerful than their Vape Pen counterparts, with power outputs ranging from 20 watts to 200 watts with better data screen options and chipset protections.

Box Mods

A box mod is a type of APV that’s shaped like a box, these come in either mechanical or adjustable configurations. Some box mods are capable of housing up to four 18650 batteries. Typically wider, some users prefer these over tube mods for their shorter (and more portable pocketand purse fitting) length. Box mods are also more powerful than their Vape Pen counterparts, with power outputs ranging from 20 watts to 200 watts. .

What is with Watts?

Mods are capable of providing varying degrees of power to the consumer. If a consumer is looking to push vapor production, it is recommended to get a high wattage device (80watt+) in order to utilize low sub-ohm coils on the market that require more power. Getting a device with more power sometimes is always a safer bet as the user can always turn the power down if they do not require it. When a consumer needs more power than their current device can push, they will usually not have many options but to upgrade to a new device that can push the level of wattage that they want.

Battery Life

Some mods can house 2+ batteries to provide extended battery life. While a customer may not use all 200+ watts that usually comes with bigger devices, it will allow them to have more time in between charges. More batteries/bigger batteries will result in a bigger device which may not be suited for everyone's needs. Internal batteries will eventually die, requiring the consumer to purchase a whole new device when that happens. External batteries will allow the consumer to continuously use the device even after their cells die, as they can just purchase more batteries separately. This also introduces the concept of buying separate chargers, allowing a customer to have multiple sets of batteries that they can cycle, making it so that the time confined to a charger is minimal if non-existent.

Tanks and Atomizers

A tank is a combination of an atomizer and a reservoir for your e-liquid. The “tank” portion is really the part that holds the spare juice to feed it to the atomizer, but most people say tank to refer to the whole unit. Sometimes – as if to make things even more confusing – people say “tank atomizer.” The only devices that are atomizers but don’t work alongside a tank are “dripping atomizers,” which have a coil and wick that you directly drip e-liquid onto before vaping.

Temperature Control

Most newer mods on the market will provide a form of TC. While this is actually very uncommon for the average consumer to use, it's just another level of adjustability given to the user. Most mods will support at least Nickel (ni) while other mods will offer modes of Titanium (ti), Stainless Steel (ss), and other wires types. While the addition of different modes is nice to have, it can also be overwhelming to new vapers. Those not specifically looking for temp control can still get these devices, but can potentially put their devices on the wrong setting if they are unsure of how to navigate the interface.

Choosing a Tank for your Vape Mod

Easy Top Airflow -

Looking for a vaping tank with easy airflow is essential. You need to have a tank that will allow the vapor to flow well in the tank. The tanks should prevent the juices from overflowing and also avoid leakage in the process. "Having your airflow all the way open will allow you to take a DL pull and will help you get a lot of vapor production while closing it off will condense your flavor and make for a warmer vape that might be more suitable MTL"

When buying a vaping tank, make sure that you look for one with enough space to allow the vapor to flow. The flow of vapor will make all the difference, and it will help in enhancing flavor or increase cloud production.

Easy to Maintain -

Buy a vape tank that is easy to maintain. The vaping tank that you use should allow you to use it for a long time without any issues. When looking for a tank, make sure that you look for one with a wick and coil (pre-made coils) that can be easily replaced. Find a great tank and all you need to do is to replace the coil without replacing the entire tank.

Leak Free -

Many tanks tend to start leaking after using for a short time. Leaking can be troublesome, and you need to look for vape tanks that will not disappoint you with leakage. When purchasing a vaping tank, make sure that you inspect it for leakage. Look for one that is well-sealed to make sure that it will not leak.

Easy to Clean -

You should consider looking for a tank that is easy to clean. When using a tank for vaping, you may be using different flavors at different VG/PG levels with different juice thicknesses. To be able to enjoy your experience an easy to clean tank ensures great flavor and helps with any mechanical issues.

Coil Tips

First, we always recommend to go with the MFG/Brand coil of your device. With a low-ohm coil, you get bigger cloud, more flavor, and a warmer vape. It can sometimes dry-hit, depending on the way the coil is built and what watts you are running. The lower the ohms, the faster your e-juice is used up. A lot of the tanks coming out have the option of buying sub-ohm coils. You have to make sure your mod can handle the rating of the coil. Some boxes cannot handle .2 ohm coil, and it will say something like “Atomizer Short.” That means you need a higher-ohm coil. With a higher-ohm coil, you can use less wattage so your batteries drain slower, they use less e-juice when vaping, it is a cooler vape, and they cloud is reduced. These coils can be used if you are starting out, and do not need a huge cloud when vaping. They are great for battery longevity.

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