WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Craving a New Taste? Try the Wide Range of Exciting Vape Flavors at eJuice Direct!

Buy from eJuice Direct’s Vape Flavor List and you are sure to be Blown Away!

eJuice Direct offers quite an extensive list of vape flavors for our customers to choose from. We have a premium collection of vaping concentrates, all at an affordable price on a single online website. You can get to experience a range of vaping flavors, either alone or in exhilarating combinations of your own design. Get your ​favorite vape juices now​, in our ​60ml​, ​100ml,​ and ​120ml​ bottles, available in 0mg (no nicotine), 3mg and 6mgs of nicotine strength so that everyone can enjoy the satisfaction of their perfect vape. Don’t let ​eJuice Direct​’s huge list of vape flavors intimidate you- to make it easy, we have broken down our flavor list into the most popular categories so you can easily select your favorite type. Explore our extensive desserts, check out some different fruit medleys, or go classic with different variations of tobacco-inspired flavor blends today!

Check out our Popular Vape Flavor List!

eJuice Direct offers an excellent list of vaping flavors to its customers. For your convenience, we have narrowed down the menu into popular flavor categories. This makes your selection process easy! We have sorted all top brands and their similar ​vape juice​ flavors into a single flavor type. Hence, you will get all your favorites on our spotlight flavor badges. Browse through our flavor badges to explore some fascinating vaping flavors and top vaping brands. ​All for an affordable cost!​ You will find it, all from the yummy baked goods, to coffee and creams. Demolish your sweet tooth with ​cheesecake​, ​donut​, ​gummies​ or perhaps some ​dessert​. Or go natural, and sample some sweet fruits, icy menthols, or bold tobacco blends. Find these, and much more, on our eJuice Direct online page. Prepare to be amazed by the numerous options and delicious descriptions of our premium eJuice Direct products!

What makes our Vape Flavors so Extraordinary?

We at eJuice Direct are passionate vapers. Therefore, we know what our vaping customers value in their products. Our expert staff is always searching for new and the best vaping flavors and blends available, from large e-Liquid companies, to small, independent e-juice producers. These manufacturers are trying to mix versatile flavors to create new and astounding taste combinations, which are thoroughly tested before being released for sale. Our vape juices contain a standard mixture of food-grade flavoring, nicotine (also available in 0mg nicotine), as well as propylene glycol (PG), and vegetable glycerin (VG).

Additionally, listed on our product pages, you will find a PG/VG ratio. PG gives your vape more flavor, and VG produces massive clouds of vapor. The common VG to PG ratio you’ll see on our site is 70/30. Our many vaping customers are quite happy with the flavor and the clouds this mix produces. Want to know how a ​donut​ vape tastes like? Or perhaps you feel like smoking a ​tangy lemon​? If so, eJuice Direct is your direct destination!

Any Questions About Our Vape Flavors?

Are you having trouble selecting your vaping juice? Or you are a beginner and trying to find the ​best vaping kit​? Feel free to ​contact us​! Since we believe in building a transparent customer relationship, we offer full customer service and ​support​. Our expert eJuice Direct staff is available online 24/7 to answer all your vape related inquiries.

Also, each of our vaping product has customer reviews available to assist you with the decision-making process, as we highly value your feedback. If you are budget-conscious, and looking for deals and discount offers, we are just a click away. Subscribe to our email newsletter to get all new offers and exclusive deals. Also, check out our Vape shop Deals​ to know all about our current deals and offers. Now you can make the most out of vaping with eJuice Direct!

Keep it 100! A Phenomenal Vape flavor Brand

eJuice Direct’s very own range of delicious vape juice flavors – ​Keep it 100​, includes 11 flavor types. These include everything from the sensational creamy touch, to the fabulous fruity tinge. Also, we at eJuice Direct are consistently working hard to introduce exciting new e-juice blends to our ‘Keep it 100’ collection. By doing so, we intend to satisfy the needs of every customer. Serving 100mls at a time, we keep the flavor high and the price low. We aim to provide a ​superb vape flavor experience​ to our customers. So, go ahead and fill up your tanks with Keep It 100 vape juices to try some real high-quality flavors!

Vape Flavor - The Super Seventeen!

"Keep it 100" has a set of 17 unique vape juice categories, and each is further divided into many delightful vape flavor concentrates. We allow our customers to select from a versatile collection -- ​apple​, ​raspberry​, mango​, ​strawberry​ ​lemon,​ and peach. If you are a fan of ​milky flavors​, then you should try our ​cream​, ​marshmallow​, ​milkshake​ and ​vanilla e-juices. There are many more vaping concentrates to astonish your taste buds, like cinnamon, or a tropical tinge! You have to browse through the incredible Keep it 100 juices and e-liquids collection. Worried it would be hard to choose? Well, our vape experts have you covered, and they will help you select the best vape juices. So hurry up, and treat yourself to all of the Keep it 100 vape flavors!

There’s a bright future for Electronic Cigarettes!

Electronic cigarettes are the new smoking trend. Also, tobacco e-juices are rapidly replacing tobacco smoking. Therefore, we at eJuice Direct hope to take this opportunity to expand our business. In our physical store, our customers can try our vaping products in real time before they buy them. To expand our wide range of vaping concentrates, our vaping experts are trying to come up with new blends. Hence, eJuice Direct aims to become the ​trendsetting vaping destination​. Here our customers can come to try and buy our vaping products. We further hope to reach great horizons to become your only favorite vaping spot! With flavorsome e-juices, and bigger smoke clouds!