WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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eJuice Direct is your online destination for Vape Shop Deals! We feature discounted premium vape juice deals everyday! We are sure there plenty of local vape shops near you or close to your location where you can get house juice or even name brands, but affordable pricing on premium vape juice is what eJuice Direct is all about. We carry a huge selection of vape juice in every flavor category you can imagine, and we love passing along savings. We have our pack of the week, daily deals, spotlight flavor, featured items as well as closeouts available to you each day. Remember, we’re vapers too and our vape shop is always a click away!

US vs Them

The ultimate eJuice showdown has arrived! See how our own house blends stack up against some of the most popular flavors out there. You be the judge to who takes home the win.

Pre-4th of July Sale

The best way to get you ready for a 4th of July sale is to start showering down the savings early. Make sure everything ships in time for the fireworks so you can be carefree on your holiday of freedom. The whole team at the Finest Premium e-Liquid Company have committed themselves to a mission of providing improved and developed quality to customers through their innovatively hand-crafted products. You can always rely on any of these “cream of the crop” varieties whether you’re craving fruits, sweets, or savory desserts. Nothing says happy fourth of July quite like a special blend suited for anyone’s taste buds. Enjoy the freedom to express yourself the way you want. Whatever you choose, Finest eLiquid immerses you in a variety of delicious e-juice flavor options without sacrificing a satisfying throat hit or enjoyable taste. Anything can be your 4th of July desserts. THESE PRE-4th OF JULY SALE PRICES WILL ONLY BE EFFECTIVE THROUGH SUNDAY, JUNE 30th AT 11:59PM


The folks at Yogi realize that stopping to smell the flowers can be much more enjoyable when you have some sweet tunes to go along with it. For that, they’re offering a sweepstakes giveaway on a portable Bluetooth speaker and a chance at winning some vape juice. Get yourself set for some relaxation.

This Week's Vape Shop Deals:

These vape juices & hardware selections are going bye-bye! Vape our Close Outs for the last time or take advantage and fill up your vape cabinet! Check out our entire collection of Close out Deals of premium vape juice and hardware at cheap prices for savings up to 70% off! Our Close out list is too long for this page! Check out the full close out product selection Always vape premium but buy cheap at eJuice Direct! As always, keep on vaping!

Roll the dice on your ejuice selection without having too high of stakes with your money. Add some thrill to your order with these random selections from all-star brands that you already know have amazing flavors you love. You can be sure to take a chance and come out a winner every single time.

Show your love of vaping with pride with some vape apparel and get some sweet tasting vape juice too! Purchase a vape juice bundle below and recieve FREE swag. From hats, sunglasses and t-shirts, grab them before they're gone! Start representing your favorite brands with vape apparel at eJuice Direct!

Exciting Vape Juice Deals On-The-Go

At eJuice Direct, we are updating our large selection of delicious, high-quality vape juices to ensure we’re always offering the best possible products. We’ve created a simple design for our online shopping experience to ensure you can quickly and easily get the vape products you love, at an affordable price. eJuice Direct offers some of the most competitive pricing on vape juices, devices and accessories from the most popular industry brands, all conveniently located in one easy-to-navigate online store.

With so many brands and flavors to choose from, eJuice Direct offers a variety of deals, steals and bundles as opportunities to try new flavors, or stock up on old ones, at an unbeatable cost. Discover a new deal every day, check out our weekly specials, and explore product discounts at up to 60% savings over our competitors. From hardware like tanks and drip tips, to vape juices of all kinds and nicotine strengths, there is always a chance to try something new at a great value whenever you visit eJuice Direct.

Vape Juice Deals: Direct Juice Grab Bag

If you are a risk taker who enjoys living life on the edge, or are someone who is always in the mood for surprises, the eJuice Direct Grab Bag is the deal for you. Pick up a vape juice bundle at a shockingly affordable price, or snag a bottle of what could be your next favorite e-juice. Choose a single bottle for $6.99, a three pack for $16.99 (the typical price of a single vape juice), or stock up on both for ultimate savings. We select our Grab Bag e-juices from our large inventory of high-quality Direct Juice products, so you can be sure when you take advantage of this deal, you will be trying something spectacular.

Vape Juice Deals: Pack Deals

If mystery deals don’t really appeal to you, consider exploring our numerous Pack Deal options. With so many products to choose from, eJuice Direct can always offer some of the most competitive deals around. Stock up on your favorite classic flavors, or pick up something new at a price that can’t be beat. Never worry about unnecessarily overspending on vape juice again, and take advantage of eJuice Direct’s unbeatable Pack Deals- all of the products you need, at a fraction of our competitor’s prices.

Two Pack e-Juice Deals

If you’re a savings seeker who isn’t looking to invest in large bulk juice deals, then eJuice Direct has created the 2 Pack Deal just for you. Receive an incredible discount on your favorite brands, flavors, nicotine strengths and bottle sizes at two for the price of one. From candies to cakes, fruits and menthols, the 2 Pack Deal is a versatile option that won’t break the bank. Eyeing something new? There’s never been a better time than now to explore the opportunities offered by eJuice Direct’s 2 Pack Deal.

Three Pack e-Juice Deals

If the 2 Pack Deal just isn’t enough to satisfy, consider the Three Pack Deal for even greater savings. Customize your ideal trio with your favorite icy menthols, tangy sours and sugary sweets in the size and nicotine strength best suited for your needs. With some of the most popular brands and highest quality vape juices available on the market today, you can choose the three pack deal that is the vape juice bundle of your dreams. Thanks to eJuice Direct, your perfect Three Pack Deal is waiting for you.

Four Pack e-Juice Deals

Struggling to choose just two or three bottles from eJuice Direct’s enormous selection of quality vape juice products? Not to worry, the Four Pack Deal is here to save the day. Carefully selected from our large inventory of carefully curated products, we only choose premium vape juices for our Four Pack Bundles. From exotic fruits, sweet desserts, and more, our Four Pack Deals offer remarkable value and savings, while providing you with new vape juice flavors as well as classic favorites. Treat yourself, and indulge in four delicious e-juice flavors without any added stress on your wallet with eJuice Direct’s Four Pack Deal.

Five Pack eJuice Deals

Why stop at two, three, or even four options when you could take advantage of eJuice Direct’s Five Pack Deal? With so many different brands, flavors, and bottle sizes to pick from, sometimes it’s best to let us doing the choosing for you. We’ve put our experience in the industry to great use, and used our vast knowledge to select only the best complimentary flavors for our Five Pack Deal. You’ll receive five bottles of our premium juices at a fraction of the price you would pay to buy them individually from another online shop. If you’re looking to invest in delicious flavors and incredible savings, then eJuice Direct’s Five Pack Deal could be the one for you!

Six Pack eJuice Deals

Looking for the best possible deal from eJuice Direct? It doesn’t get any sweeter than the Six Pack Deal. We’ve bundled six of our fantastic vape juices together at a discount that cannot be beat for the ultimate in delicious flavor and steep savings. Frosty menthols, tropical fruits, classic treat and more are included in these carefully designed collections of scrumptious vape juices, all at a sliver of the costs charged by our competitors. If you enjoy a variety of multiple brands and flavors, then look no further than eJuice Direct’s Six Pack Deal.

SWAG Vape Juice Deals

The fun doesn’t have to stop once the vape juice hits your tank. Instead, keep the vape party going with eJuice Direct’s SWAG Deals and embrace the vaping lifestyle. In addition to enjoying some delicious, premium e-juice brands and flavors, the SWAG Deal gives you the opportunity to step out in style. From exclusive T-shirts and hats to cellphone skins and more, strut your stuff and rep your favorite e-juice brands wherever and whenever you like. These unique SWAG Deals don’t last long, so be sure to explore all of the incredible savings offered at eJuice Direct.

Get your vape juice deals today.

In addition to the weekly Pack and SWAG Deals available through eJuice Direct, we also offer eye-popping savings through our Daily Deals on e-juice products. Every day is a new opportunity to try something new, or scoop up an old favorite, all at an astonishingly low cost. At eJuice Direct, we know what matters most to our valued customers, and do our best to bring you exciting vape products at enticingly low prices. With our easy-to-use online platform and wide range of brands, products, and accessories, the only challenge you’ll face when it comes to vaping should be what to purchase first.