WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Aqua Cream - Vortex eJuice Aqua-Cream

Aqua Cream - Vortex

$13.99 $ 40.00

Aqua Cream Vortex eJuice sends a twister of flavor your way, blending up quite the storm of rich and creamy dessert. Although less can be more, sometimes more is just more. Starting with a base of thick custard, graham crackers then break apart in the whirlwind and throw themselves about through the creamy body of this vanilla vape juice. As they fall to pieces, they leave swirls of cinnamon and honey in their wake to deepen the satisfying taste. Where others struggle to keep a blend like this from getting out of control, Vortex manages to hold itself together despite the whirling madness. Whipped up and evenly spread about, this graham cracker strewn vanilla custard vape juice will leave you coated in delicious clouds.


Vanilla custard graced by honey and cinnamon notes from graham cracker.


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