Big Bottle Co. 5-Pack Vape Juice Bundle | 600ml $59.99! – eJuice Direct
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Big Bottle Co. BIG E 600ml Big Vape Bundle $59.99!

Big Bottle Co. BIG 600ml 5-Pack Vape Juice Bundle

$ 59.99 $ 125.00

Get a bottle of each flavor for a total of 600mls of Big Bottle Co. eJuice!

VG/PG: See Above


Get 5 of these vape juice flavors in this pack deal steal today! Big Bottle Co. is a HUGE believer in BIG! And we've decided it can be BIGGER!  We've Made the BIG 600 5-Pack! You get all of their premium Big Bottle co. Line eJuices! Tasty dessert and drink vapes at a price that's small. We're glad to say that, but, the price has nothing to do with the quality. Their quality is phenomenal! Get your dessert premium eJuices here with either a Blueberry Cake, some Cinnamon Cream, Good Ole Custard or a Jelly Donut. We also encourage you to wash it all down with some Strawberry Milk. 

  • Before using your eJuice, please make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose due to pressure changes during shipping. eJuice Direct is not responsible for spilled juice due to loose nozzles.
  • We highly recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.
  • Be aware that the tamper-proof rings may be weak and can break off and/or come loose during shipping. eJuice Direct will not offer replacements due to broken tamper rings.   

Big Bottle Co. eJuice Premium E-Liquid | Vape eJuice

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Big bottle co

This juice has great flavor with less throat hit. Cloud production is great.

You Won't Be Disappointed!

Gotta Start By saying WOW! , All the juices smell pretty accurate to their name,sweet but not overpowering so.They ALL taste like it smells,sometimes i'll buy a juice and it would have a decent/nice smell to it,but when you vape it ,something is odd,off,missing, and or the juice taste nothing like it smells or taste as described. Thing is the flavor profiles are ALL on point,guaranteed you're gonna find 1 or 2 juices you will fall in love with.In my opnion there all good,i'm more than satisfied , add to the fact the 5 pack is cheaper and more convenient and just a better purchase overall, with 5 dollar shipping that comes to 14 dollars a bottle,A 120 ML Bottle, go to your nearest brick and mortar or just call,see how much for 120ml. Anyways guys,i've bought alot of juice from this site,this pack is by far 1 of the best purchases i've made. Hope you Enjoy!

Really good

Big bottle has one of the best juice lines out there all 5 are very smooth not over powering very good


I’m still waiting for my order to be delivered to me. I’ve been waiting for over a month for my order, and I believe why I’m still waiting for my order to be delivered is due to the Hurricanes Florence. I’m hoping to have this e juice within the next 2weeks.



Sold Out