WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Dinner Lady Salts - Sweet Fusion Nic Salt eJuice Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady Salts - Sweet Fusion

Dinner Lady
$13.99 $ 20.00

Dinner Lady Salt Sweet Fusion eJuice lets some light hit the door of the candy shop just right so that a rainbow of color enters with salt nicotine. This photo-phenomenon doesn’t just look cool, but it also causes a magical fusion to begin occurring between the light and the candy. The result is a full-spectrum of Dinner Lady e-juice fruit chews that excite the taste buds as much as the eyes. As if bending flavor and sweets through a prism, these crafty confections bring a whole array of taste that will always keep you guessing. You don’t have to understand the mystical or scientific acts at work to enjoy this fruity vape juice for all it’s worth. Seeing and tasting is certainly believing.


A rainbow of fruits crammed into sweet, chewy gummy candies with nicotine salts.


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