WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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EVS Volume 2 - Caramel Green Apple eJuice EmergencyVapeStash-Vol2

Emergency Vape Stash Volume 2 - Caramel Green Apple

$17.99 $ 30.00

Emergency Vape Stash Volume 2 Caramel Green Apple e-juice can be kept in the emergency stash until you’re ready, because this sticky treat needs to be handled with care. Your favorite Autumn treat can stay all year round now that EVS has added it to their reserve. With a whole stockpile worth of this green apple vape juice, you won’t be running out of the sweet fun even if you use it from winter to summer. Get in the season’s spirit or just enjoy what you love, but either way you are going to go wild for the candied fruit. Being the king of confectionary foods is no easy crown to bear, but this apple caramel vape juice wears the title with pride. Even when all the trees start waking up in the spring, this sweet and delightful treat will always be available in the stash if you need it.


A crisp green apple dipped and dripping with sweet caramel.


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