WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Pod Juice Burst Edition Cotton Burst Premium Nicotine Salt eLiquid eJuice Direct

Pod Juice Burst Edition - Cotton Burst

Pod Juice-Burst Edition
$11.99 $ 20.00

Pod Juice Cotton Burst eJuice brings your favorite carnival treat to the realm of salt nicotine. When you think of amusement parks and the circus, there will always be one constant that comes to mind. Call it fairy floss or cloud fluff, but the classic treat will forever go hand in hand with Ferris wheels and walking through the fair. Although you can find it just about anywhere that fun can be found, use this cotton candy vape juice to avoid the hunt. If you can only find the sweet blue raspberry and delightfully airy pink vanilla wherever enjoyment is being had, then vaping this flavor means that everywhere you go will be a blast. You can’t argue with solid logic.


Pink vanilla and blue raspberry cotton candy with nicotine salts.


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