WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Real Deal Custard by OPMH Project - Lime eJuice OPMH Project-Real Deal Custard

Real Deal Custard by OPMH Project - Lime

OPMH Project-Real Deal Custard
$12.99 $ 20.00

Real Deal Custard by OPMH Project Lime e-juice doesn’t have to look for ways to use the green, tart trouble maker. Of all the citrus fruits, it can be a hard one to factor into the mix, but here is an example where teamwork pulls together. Lime is not the discarded sibling that you have to find a use for or force into somewhere. It functions all on its own to add a balance to the sweetness of this custard vape juice. Like a tropical pie, this duo covers all the bases for what you expect from a dessert. Try them together for yourself and see why the fierce citrus is meant for more than just tequila shots.


Custard whipped up and blended with tangy lime juice.


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