WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Us vs. Them - Direct Juice Watermelon Taffy vs. Hi Drip Water Melons eJuice Showdown

Us vs. Them - Direct Juice Watermelon Taffy vs. Hi Drip Water Melons

$24.99 $ 31.98

Cut and sliced from the same fruit, sometimes your candy vape juice flavors can turn out very different from each other after they’re completed. See for yourself how different Direct Juice Watermelon Taffy seems to taste from the little squares of Hi Drip Watermelons e-juice. Starting with the same simple origins, these two leave the patch and grow into gushing fountains of fun in their own separate ways. They always say maturing isn’t a competition, but in this case it really is. Find out for yourself which of these hometown heroes truly wins out in life and which one wishes they were the other. These chewy treats can take the pressure, so bring on the critique.


A match between Direct Juice and Hi-Drip to see who has the chewiest watermelon candy!

  • Watermelon Taffy by Direct Juice (120ml) - Watermelon infused sweet chewy taffy. (VG/PG: 70/30)
  • Watermelons by Hi-Drip (100ml) - Watermelon candy. (70/30)

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