WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Simple E-Cool - Blackberry Blueberry Grape Menthol eJuice Simple E-Cool

Simple E-Cool - Blackberry Blueberry Grape Menthol

Simple E-Liquid-Cool
$14.99 $ 20.00

Simple E-Cool Blackberry Blueberry Grape Menthol e-juice lets the cold come in as the sun sets on this navy-blue blend of berries. Swirling together with a freshness that’s hard to beat, this chilling blend certainly brings the coolness of night. The shady hues of this grape, blackberry, and blueberry vape juice form patterns of interlocking colors that twirl into a perfectly mixed image. Find yourself getting lost in the spiraling hypnotism that this astonishingly fruity collective brings. The best part of the sunset is when the final flares vanish over the peak of the horizon. Breathe in the sensation you get from that crisp evening air with this blueberry, blackberry, and grape vape juice.


A cold dusk of blackberry and blueberry sets on grape with menthol.


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