WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Simple E-Fruit - Orange Mango Kiwi eJuice Simple E-Fruit

Simple E-Fruit - Orange Mango Kiwi

Simple E-Liquid-Fruit
$14.99 $ 20.00

Simple E-Fruit Orange Mango Kiwi eJuice knew what it was doing when it brought these seemingly unsimilar flavors together. What they fail to do with looks, they succeed in showing their unity through taste. With each one exhibiting its own brand of sweetness, you’ll think that maybe the ragtag group in this orange, kiwi, and mango vape juice lured you into a trap. There is no trick to be had though, because these delightful fruits just happen to go together far better than you would expect. Don’t blame the kiwi, mango, and orange e-juice for your simple assumption. The citrusy and tropical bunch fold into each other naturally as if they were meant to be. The longer you spend thinking about it, the more this mango e-juice blend makes sense.


A mix of kiwi, mango, and orange as bright as the sun.


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