WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Suorin - Air Pod System Pod System Suorin

Suorin - Air Pod System

$19.99 $ 30.00
Suorin - Air Pod System has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 20 reviews.


The Suorin Air is an ultra-compact all in one vaporizer system. Featuring a replaceable 2ml pod designed to use your own eliquid. The whole device measures close to the size of a credit card. The built-in 400mAh battery powers the device and is quickly able to be recharged via the Micro-USB port on the bottom of the device. The Suorin Air uses draw to fire activation with a separate on-off switch to keep it from firing in your pocket. Bulk box mods are a thing of the past with the Suorin Air!


The Suorin Air offers a whole new take on Ultra-Compact and All-in-One vaporizer systems. With is flat credit card shape it discreetly fits in your pocket. The days of carrying around extra batteries are also solved with the quick charging via USB. The best part of this device is being able to use your own eJuice that you already have. Filling the Suorin is easy and quick thanks to the plug and large fill hole. Being able to quickly swap between different flavors with ease is a major plus as well.  The Suorin Air has a place in every vapors pocket for the times when a traditional set up is just not practical.


Suorin Air Ultra Compact Device

  • Battery: Built-in 400mAh
  • Airflow: Non-Adjustable
  • Micro USB Port
  • Coils: Replacement Cartridge
  • Battery LED indicator

Suorin Air Cartridge

  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Fill: Plug
  • Refillable
  • Suorin Air All-in-One Vaporizer
  • 1x Suorin Air Pod
  • USB cable
  • User Manuals
  • Read and understand product Manual before use.
  • Make sure to register product according to warranty card.
  • Always use proper precautions and handling.

Enjoy best vaping experience with the Sourin Air Vaping Kit.

For all the vapers out there, Sourin Air starter kit is all you need to get started and indulged into a euphoric vaping enigma. Get this fantastic starter kit at no other place than the online vape shop; eJuice Direct and get started with a beautiful vaping experience. The online shop has in store for you the kit along with many eJuices to be filled in the kit and its related cartridges. So hurry up and check into the website today to get your own Sourin Air vaping kit and start vaping!

Suorin Air Vape

Known as one of the most popular pod systems in the market, Suorin Air promises an exciting vaping experience to its users anytime and anywhere. This is one improved model accompanying much functionality for the users to make the vaping experience worthwhile.

The portable Suorin Air Vaping kit

The pod system is as small as a credit card and can easily fit into your pocket. This makes it easy for vapers to carry it around anywhere, plus it doesn’t seem like extra baggage to many people.

Its dimensions 86 mm by 43 mm by 8 mm make it possibly the smallest available vaping device and at the same time pretty light in weight too. So you can quickly go stealth mode with this nifty vaping pod, or use it in a company where you want to act discreetly. Despite the size of the pod, its liquid carrying capacity is pretty attractive. It carries enough liquid to go an entire day's worth of vaping. So in comparison to other similar pods, this might be a better shot both in terms of battery capacity and liquid storage.

Additionally, the vaping kit also comes with friction-fit cartridges which make them easy to slide down in the pod. Plus these cartridges are refillable to give you a never-ending vaping experience. The product's battery life and other features are discussed below. All in all, it gives you more value for the price paid. So don’t hold back on a thrilling vaping experience, order yours today from eJuice Direct.

Features highlighting Suorin Air Starter Kit

This easy to use and carry vaping device is a small vaper’s paradise. Suorin Air starter kit is an ultra-compact made to give a thrilling experience on the go. Resembling a credit card in appearance the equipment is small, portable and easy to handle owing to its aluminum body.


The vaping kit has a shape that perfectly fits into the pocket making it easy to handle and carry. Its small size and aluminium body make the kit feather light to carry and at the same time look stylish as well. It comes in many colors for the customer to choose from.


Although having cells like the old school style, yet the design of the kit is modern. The battery that comes with the package is fast to charge the 400mAh battery, i.e. long battery life. In other words, charge it for 30 mins and enjoy the vape for like hours and hours. Additionally, the device does not accompany any buttons or other touch-ups. It is purely automatic, gets activated on its own when you inhale! The rechargeable battery can be charged via a micro USB port located at the bottom of the vaping device.


The stylish vaping kit makes use of a magnetic 2 ml cartridge system. This makes it easy to pour in the liquid and fit it into the pod system when needed. Plus the cartridges can be filled with your favorite liquid again and again till you move on to a next flavor to try. So don’t stay behind to get this one of a kind vaping experience with Suorin Air.

Suorin Air Pods

The all in one, on the go Suorin Air Pod system, is what every vaper needs for a classic, unforgettable vaping experience. Despite its small size and exquisite design, the pod produces a great vapor that tends to last for a satisfying amount of time. Such a classic pod system that gives a quality vape to the vapers out there with all its brilliant features is the best value one can get at the offered price. Apart from the exciting features the pods and their adaptability to different e-liquids and cartridges is noteworthy. It makes the vaping enigma even more delightful. Plus in such little size, the capacity for vaping is truly immense. So you can personalize your Suorin Air vaping pod the way you want. Add a good backup, choose your vaping liquid and streamline the device to your liking. This vaping pod is what you have been waiting for! You can use the Suorin Air pods with the following:

Eliquids in the Nic-Salt category

Eliquids in the Freebase category

Nicotine-Free eliquids

60/40 VG/PG ratio eliquids

70/30 VG/PG ratio eliquids

Suorin Air Price

Before jumping on to the monetary value the amazing product holds, let us reiterate how much you are getting. The device is available for $30.00 at the eJuice Direct online Vape shop. But due to amazing daily deals and bundles, you can get them for as low as $19.99. Plus you get to choose from many colors. So don’t wait and place your order for the Suorin Air vaping kit today.

Suorin Air Juice

With all the great features, the Suorin also allows the user to select their favorite e-liquid for the vaping purposes. Many and all most all the e-liquids out in the market are compatible with this vaping pod. The juice bottles that are compatible with the pod system are best to be similar nozzles, which are a bit on the slimmer side. Plus nozzles with dripper styles caps are a simple no-no when it comes to the Suorin Air pod’s filling slot. And the vape juices that complement the pod system have a 50-70% VG content. But you can always refill the pod whenever you want with your favorite juice. Here is a list of juices compatible with the Sourin Air:

Naked 100 Salt

Cookie King

Milk King

Tropic King

Candy King

You can find these and a lot more flavors readily available in the market. So no more waiting for the right juice, select your juice and fill up the vaping pod to enjoy an exuberant vaping experience.

Sourin Air at eJuice Direct
Get exciting deals on Suorin Air starter kit and enjoy many different vaping liquids from the assortments available at the eJuice Direct online vaping store. Place your orders today!

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