WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Vaporesso - GT cCell Coils coils Vaporesso

Vaporesso - GT cCell Coils

$11.99 $ 15.00

The Vaporesso GT cCell Coils were built sturdy and built to last. The extremely durable SS316 stainless steel composition of the wire inside the core makes sure it holds up like the best and protects the heating element. The ceramic atomizer is filled with many, tiny, inlet holes that are so small they’re measured on the nanoscale. This porous texture allows air, heat, and juice to flow more freely and warm up more consistently. A patented formula is used for the specific ceramic in the makeup that increases stability and the ability to handle hotter temperatures for longer. Running at a lower wattage and a 0.5ohm resistance means you can go farther for longer without burnout or having to change coils.

  • Quantity: 3
  • Coil Ohm: 0.5ohm
  • Coil Material: Stainless Steel Wire in a Ceramic Core
  • Coil Build: Single Vertical
  • Wattage Range: 15W-40W
  • Recommended Range: 25W-35W
  • Losing flavor or clouds? Time to change the coil.
  • Make sure the coil is compatible with your tank.
  • Coils have no set life span.
  • Keep the coil in its protective packaging until ready to use. 
  • Clean your tank when changing the coil to maximize flavor.
  • Don't over tighten the coil into the base.
  • Take your time priming the coil before use to avoid a dry hit.
  • Try different styles of coils (mesh, stainless steel, ceramic, etc.) to customize flavor/clouds.

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