WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Yogi Farms Salt - White Grape Ice closeout Yogi-Yogi Farms

Yogi Farms Salt - White Grape Ice

Yogi-Yogi Farms
$8.98 $ 20.00

Yogi Farms Salt White Grape Ice e-juice shows what the vineyard is capable of by using salt nicotine and menthol for help. If you thought chips were bad, you can hardly even comprehend only having one grape and then stopping. These delightfully sweet fruits were always meant to be eaten by the bunches. The time has come for everyone who loves white more than red to finally get what they have wanted for so long. A bitter cold-front swirls in and across the fields to turn the vines into wintery powerhouses of frigid flavor. The crispness and refreshing notes find themselves pronounced in the chilling menthol vape juice. Bring this bright aroma with you on the sun-bathed trail or use it as an alternative to drinking wine during your yoga. That’s probably a safer move.


Sweet white grapes with nicotine salts and menthol.


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